Performance $38468 Spoke Wheels $39618 Full $42608 Spoke Wheels $43758
Rule all roads

Whichever road you decide to take with your new Multistrada V4, be it asphalt or gravel, sand or rocks, you will feel at ease. In every moment of your ride you will experience the pleasure of complete control.

The fourth generation of Multistrada is more versatile and easier to ride than ever. Sport, Travel, Enduro and Urban: four perfectly balanced souls to make the new Multistrada V4 effective and fun in all riding conditions.

The power of smoothness

The V4 Granturismo figures clearly define its unique character: A sporting-spirit DNA, yet boasting a smooth and well-balanced output along the entire torque curve.

A very powerful 170hp engine, smooth and fluid at low revs, progressive and firm in the mids, with a peak torque of almost 13 kgm. Really exciting at high revs. Excellent in all conditions, perfect for all riding modes.


Form follows function. The design of the new Multistrada V4 achieves the perfect balance between functionality and Italian design. A style shaped directly by robustness, aerodynamic innovations and the pursuit of maximum comfort.

Theorem #1
4 is lighter than 2

A V4 engine which is 1.2 Kg lighter and more compact compared to the previous V2 Multistrada generation engine. An achievement that guarantees effective and reliable performance.
Theorem #2
The Power is smooth

Up to 170 hp to achieve slick and smooth-running performance on demand. A smooth engine at low speed, great torque at medium speed and sporting spirit at high speed.
Theorem #3
Built to travel far

The 60,000 km valve clearance adjustment interval is an absolute milestone that raises the standard of reliability and reduces maintenance costs.
Theorem #4
The future sounds familiar

Signature twin-pulse firing order and MotoGP derived counter-rotating crankshaft make the new V4 Granturismo engine more Ducati than ever.